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07/15/2018 02:35Katran and other Russian Rotary-wing UAVs    ( IndraStra Global )
Katran and other Russian Rotary-wing UAVs ... engineers working at OAO Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise (KumAPP), a Russian aerospace ...
05/14/2018 23:20Russia Unveils New Missile-armed UCAVs    ( Aviation International News )
The Russian defense ministry unveiled two UCAVs during the May 9 ... at Russian Helicopter's KUMAPE factory in Kumertau, which leads the project.
02/06/2018 07:50Russian Helicopters to Export 7 Ka-32A11BCs in 2018    ( Aviation Week )
Russian Helicopters will deliver seven multi-role Ka-32A11BC helicopters to foreign customers in 2018. The machines are being built at Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise (KumAPP). At the end of last December, Russian Helicopters (Booth XXXX) delivered two Ka-32A11BCs to the Fire ...
01/23/2018 23:35Ka-29 and Ka-27M deliveries continue    ( Shephard Media )
The latest delivery comprised one modernised Kamov Ka-27M multipurpose helicopter and two Ka-29 helicopters. The three aircraft have undergone scheduled intermediate overhaul and were modernised at the Kumertau aircraft enterprise. The Russian Ministry of Defence said the navy will begin ...
01/15/2018 23:45Modernized Ka-27M Helicopters Delivered To Russian Navy (Image: Russian MOD)    ( )
Russian Helicopters has delivered the new batch of modernized Ka-27M multirole helicopters to the Russian Navy, the defense ministry in Moscow said Sunday. The modernization of the helicopters is held at the Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise. “The new version of this aircraft introduces ...
01/13/2018 07:40Analysis: Ka-226T Preparing To Land In India    ( Defence Aviation Post )
The rotor column and blades will be produced in Russia at the Kumertau-based KumAPE plant, which is currently dealing with the small-scale Ka-226T production for Russian government customers. This novel approach would speed up the production preparation phase and also would allow a ...
01/11/2018 07:35Russian Navy receives upgraded Ka-27Ms    ( Shephard Media )
Russian Helicopters has transferred a batch of Ka-27M helicopters to the Russian Navy following their modernisation at the Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise. The helicopters will be deployed by the Baltic Fleet, with additional modernised aircraft set to be delivered to the Pacific and Northern ...
12/03/2017 14:10Ka-226T: Shining Mirror of Russian Helicopters' Bright Future (PHOTOS, VIDEO)    ( Sputnik International )
In addition to the Kumertau Aviation Production Plant in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Ka-226T will be assembled in the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (UUAP) in the Republic of Buryatia, the Buddhist heart of Russia (to the east of Lake Baikal). The plant was established in 1939 in the Soviet Union's ...
10/18/2017 22:20Russia's Navy to Get 10 Upgraded Sub-Killer Helicopters Per Year    ( The Diplomat )
In June 2017, the Russian MoD approved the mass production of the upgraded Ka-27M at the Kumertau Aircraft Production Enterprise. The MoD ...
10/17/2017 22:00Russia's Navy To Get 10 Modernized Ka-72M Choppers A Year (tass photo)    ( )
Russian Navy will receive a batch of 10 modernised Ka-72M ... The Kumertau factory began repairs and upgrades to Ka-27M standard at the ...
10/17/2017 22:00Russian Navy's aviation to get 10 upgraded antisubmarine warfare helicopters a year    ( TASS )
The first eight Ka-27M helicopters arrived for the Navy's aviation in 2016. The helicopters are being modernized at the Kumertau Aircraft Production ...
08/30/2017 09:50Russia may supply first ten Ka-226T helicopters to India in 2017    ( TASS )
Russia may supply first ten Ka-226T helicopters to India in 2017 ... will be produced in Russia at two enterprises located in Kumertau and Ulan Ude.
08/25/2017 13:35Russian Helicopters to deliver modernised Ka-27M aircraft to Russian Navy    (Air & Cosmos - International)
Russian Helicopters to start Ka-27M deliveries - Air & Cosmos - International
08/24/2017 00:20Russian Helicopters ready for serial delivery of modernized Ka-27M helicopters    ( Vertical Magazine (press release) )
Russian Helicopters ready for serial delivery of modernized Ka-27M ... The modernization of the helicopters will be held at the Kumertau Aviation ...
08/19/2017 11:25Russia to deliver Ka-32 multirole helicopters to Thailand and Turkey for first time    (Sputnik International)
China to Get New Kamov Ka-32 Chopper From Russia in September - Sputnik International
03/31/2017 22:15Ka-226 May Serve as Base for 1st Russian Unmanned Helicopter    ( Sputnik International )
KUMERTAU (Russia) (Sputnik) — According to the manufacturer, the Ka-226T is a light multirole helicopter, maneuverable and eco-friendly.
12/29/2016 05:351st naval Ka-226 modular light helicopter produced in Russia    ( Mo4ch News (press release) (blog) )
1st naval Ka-226 modular light helicopter produced in Russia ... Mikheev, the head of Russian Helicopters holding, while touring the Kumertau plant in ...
08/10/2016 05:20Russia, India plan to sign contract for Mi-26 helicopter repair    ( Russia Beyond the Headlines )
Russia, India plan to sign contract for Mi-26 helicopter repair ... will be repaired at the Aircraft-Manufacturing Enterprise in Kumertau in the Urals. ... Russian Helicopters Group is planning to sign a contract with India before the ...
08/04/2016 21:20​India's navy to upgrade 10 Ka-28 helicopters    ( Flightglobal )
The work will be performed in Russia and India. ... These helicopters are being overhauled in Russia by Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, ...
07/30/2016 21:15Indian Navy's submarine-hunting Kamov-28 choppers to get major upgrade    ( India Today )
Towards that, the helicopters will be first sent to Kumertau in Russia at the facility of Russian Helicopters where they will undergo a technical overhaul ...


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